Free Case Evaluation

Free Case Evaluation

Our Illinois Family Lawyers Will Evaluate Your Case At No Cost to You.

illinois family lawyerAt NuVorce we understand that the process of marital dissolution is a difficult time, and that you are looking for an Illinois family lawyer to explain your options and choices. For that reason, we offer a free case evaluation to new clients, so that you can learn how our approach is different and how it can work for you.

Every family law case is unique, and our goal is to learn as much about your values and priorities as possible. In this way, we can focus on the areas that matter to you the most, and not spend excessive time on areas that are less critical. We can help contain the costs of divorce, and if possible we will attempt to avoid litigation. When you are in a divorce, you need an ally at your side who can answer your questions and guide you, and that would be our role as your attorneys.

Case Evaluation: Cost Benefit Analysis

In your case evaluation we will treat you as though you are already a client. In order to implement our unique strategic planning approach, the first step is to do a cost benefit analysis. This is a simple way to identify your highest values to you in the divorce, and then strategize the ways to attain those for you. Not all outcomes are worth the time and effort, and when we understand what you need then we can take a strategic approach to your divorce.

This cost benefit analysis is essential for developing a strategy prior to working with your spouse on the actual divorce agreement. There is no substitute for this preparation, and some of the items that we will discuss in your evaluation include:

  • Whether you have children, and want to have custody.
  • How finances were handled in the marriage, and how much each of you contributed.
  • Preferences for division of major assets such as residences, vehicles or other valuable property.
  • How you value spousal maintenance or alimony.
  • If there were a major disagreement, which issues are you willing to litigate.

All of these areas could affect the final divorce agreement, and if you are clear about your priorities it will be much simpler to work out an agreement with your spouse. After the analysis, we will give you a very brief outline of what your options may be in the divorce, and an estimated cost. At that point you should have enough information to decide whether we are the Illinois family lawyers who can handle your divorce in the best way.

NuVorce Free Case Evaluation

We offer you a free case evaluation so that you can see the NuVorce difference in your own situation. NuVorce takes this strategic planning approach to divorce to avoid the needless conflict, expense, and time of lengthy litigation. Of course, if agreement is not possible then we may have to litigate some issues and allow the court to decide. This is not the best option in most cases, since your future family relations and finances will depend on the outcome. In our view, it is best to reach mutual agreement or utilize mediation or other alternatives prior to litigation. This keeps the expense and emotional turmoil to a minimum and gives you a peaceful approach the divorce.

Please contact us to schedule a free case evaluation, and give us the opportunity to show you the NuVorce difference and how it can work for you in your family law case.