Nichelle Glover, Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator

Meet NuVorce’s Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator, Nichelle Glover.

NuVorceIf you have a problem, Nichelle Glover will provide a solution. Ms. Glover is the Office Manager of NuVorce and as such can ensure that you have access to your attorney, your file, or anything else you may need.

Ms. Glover has extensive experience as an Office Manager, having most recently served in that role for Brown & Momen (a Chicago construction company). In addition, Ms. Glover served as a liaison with Brown & Momen’s client, the University of Chicago. Prior to this, Ms. Glover has served as an Executive Assistant at a training facility in Atlanta and as a Literacy Coordinator for one of Chicago’s homeless shelters.

In addition to her work as the Office Manager at NuVorce, Ms. Glover will be serving as the Marketing Coordinator. In addition to her work in marketing, Ms. Glover is currently studying Graphic Design at Westwood College.